Currently, IPFire is limited in some types of firewall rules. For example, it is not possible to filter VPN traffic and other advanced things. It is also currently not possible to create groups for services, hosts or networks, which makes it quite complicated to maintain a huge ruleset.

In order to solve these things, we are going to integrate a new firewall GUI that comes with new features and makes the already implemented features more easy to use.

IPFire is commonly used in professional environments and the number of threats and attacks from the Internet is constantly rising. These are two reasons to build up a new firewall interface, that not only makes it possible to protect the local network resources better, but more easy as well.

The new firewall GUI will combine the now existing external access rules, port forwarding rules and outgoing firewall and will come with a new interface that shows the entire ruleset at a glance. New rules can be created with help of a configuration wizard and it will be possible to group hosts, networks and services, so the ruleset will be slink even if the firewall rules allow access to thousands of hosts and services.

Some users may know these features from IPCop’s Block Out Traffic (BOT), but we have the ambition to make this easy to use, even for not so much experienced users.

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Update: The deadline for this funding has been extended to November 30th.

Launched: June 4, 2013 at 12:00 am • Funding ends: November 30, 2013 at 12:00 am