The IPFire developers payed for the main server that serves the project by themselves since the very beginning. It would help us very much getting supported with that, so here is the wish:

We pay for a dedicated machine, that hosts the essential parts of the project which is the presence on the web (website, wiki, forums, fireinfo, …). It is also used as the main mirror server.

Hosting a whole distribution is a much more advanced task than hosting a smaller project which offers only one tarball for download. Thus, Sourceforge or similar platforms are not an option for us. They would limit the project in the way we like it to be. Fireinfo is only one service which would not be possible in case we didn’t have our document-based database system for example.

We would also not be able to have our nice build infrastructure which makes the IPFire developers even more productive and is going to play a big role in the future.

Altogether, funding this part of the IPFire infrastructure would help us a lot. We still have to run the rest of the build systems and backup infrastructure. So any help is appreciated.

Launched: January 2, 2015 at 12:00 am • This funding runs until the goal is reached.