On this page, you will find all fundings that have already ended.

RAID support for high-availability

With this wish we would like to fund working on supporting software-based RAID for IPFire.

IPFire is widely used in the professional area. Enterprises rely on the great software but sometimes forget that reliable hardware is required, too. Harddisks are one of the most likely components to fail which then results in a huge downtime until the system has been reinstalled and was set up again. This could cause huge costs because of idle employees.

To overcome this problem we would like to implement RAID support for IPFire right in the installer of the system. This will enable everyone to install IPFire on a RAID-1 setup with two harddisks or SSDs. We are going to use software RAIDs for this purpose because of various issues with hardware RAID controllers. Those are fragile and if they break they require owning an identical second one to backup data from the disks. With the software-based approach, you will be able to use any Linux system to mount the disks again and recover any data if required. They are also usally much faster with modern hardware and of course save you a lot of money because they do not require any additional hardware. Hardware RAID controllers are usually very expensive.

We are also planning on having good monitoring in case if any device fails. The administrator of the system will then see an alert notification that a disk has failed and needs replacement.

Please help us funding this wish. The new functionality will help IPFire to become even more suitable for use in companies where high availability is an important requirement. This is a great solution which works for everyone and will additionally boost the disk performance and saves you buying an expensive hardware RAID controller.

New Server Hardware

We are crowdfunding a new hosting infrastructure for the IPFire project. Find more about why that is needed on the IPFire Planet.

The more we are able to collect, the better will this hosting platform be, so that we don’t need to invest into extending it again in the near future. So all your help is needed to fund the following components:

  • We got donated two servers that will need
    • Four 4TB Harddisks (the bigger the better)
    • Four 256GB SSDs (for our databases)
    • Quad-NICs to interconnect to the other machines on the network

We will also have some shipping costs, labour and costs for smaller parts that are required to refurbish the machines. This does not include the running costs for the year 2016, yet.

These machines will be the basis for the IPFire Project where we will run all our public services like our web services, our jabber server, our build systems and many things more that are vital to run this project. We are looking forward to the support of you, the IPFire community.

Windows Active Directory Single Sign-On for Web Proxy

The Windows Domain Services are a must-have in each bigger company, school or other organizations. They provide a single point of maintenance for the administrator and allow users to authenticate themselves against all sorts of services that are connected to the domain controller. One user; one password; safe authentication mechanisms and you are done.

Unfortunately, the squid web proxy that is used for the web proxy services in IPFire does not allow direct authentication against Windows Active Directory servers. Currently only the older NT4 domains are supported. The last server that was able to run in a compatibility mode for NT4 domains in the kind that was required for the proxy authentication was Windows Server 2003 which is running out of support by Microsoft soon. Our goal is now to enhance the proxy authentication so that it is able to authenticate users of the web proxy against Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 without prompting for the user credentials. So no entering of the username and password is necessary. This is also known as Single Sign-On.

IPFire does not come with all the required libraries and services, yet so that it cannot do this complex authentication, but with this funding, we hope to find supporters who help us to realise this goal.

More technical information is available on this planet post: Microsoft Active Directory Authentication for the Web Proxy

Time has been extended of an other four weeks.

Advanced Firewall GUI

Currently, IPFire is limited in some types of firewall rules. For example, it is not possible to filter VPN traffic and other advanced things. It is also currently not possible to create groups for services, hosts or networks, which makes it quite complicated to maintain a huge ruleset.

In order to solve these things, we are going to integrate a new firewall GUI that comes with new features and makes the already implemented features more easy to use.

IPFire is commonly used in professional environments and the number of threats and attacks from the Internet is constantly rising. These are two reasons to build up a new firewall interface, that not only makes it possible to protect the local network resources better, but more easy as well.

The new firewall GUI will combine the now existing external access rules, port forwarding rules and outgoing firewall and will come with a new interface that shows the entire ruleset at a glance. New rules can be created with help of a configuration wizard and it will be possible to group hosts, networks and services, so the ruleset will be slink even if the firewall rules allow access to thousands of hosts and services.

Some users may know these features from IPCop’s Block Out Traffic (BOT), but we have the ambition to make this easy to use, even for not so much experienced users.

Please donate.

Update: The deadline for this funding has been extended to November 30th.

Tor - Protecting Online Anonymity

Tor (originally short for The Onion Router) is free software for enabling online anonymity. Tor directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide volunteer network consisting of more than three thousand relays to conceal a user’s location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Using Tor makes it more difficult to trace Internet activity, including “visits to Web sites, online posts, instant messages and other communication forms”, back to the user and is intended to protect users’ personal privacy, freedom, and ability to conduct confidential business by keeping their internet activities from being monitored. [1]

With a global surveillance network, there is more and more need for anonymous communication.

The Tor project is providing a great piece of software, that is able to do that. It will take your data and send it through a chain of hops (encrypted without a trace about where it is coming from) until it finally reaches its destination.

We from the IPFire project believe, that Tor would perfectly fit into the IPFire firewall. We want to create a simple interface in which the user can configure the Tor proxy, so that it is very easy to use, because there is a need for simple to use services that protect your privacy.
We also would like to add a configuration interface that enables the user to configure Tor as an exit node if he wishes to that. That will support the Tor network and will increase its size and performance.

You won’t have to bother with installing Tor on several other machines on your network, if you have it running on your firewall, where all the machines from the network can connect to the Tor SOCKS proxy.

Of course this should be realized as an add-on, so that the decision to use the Tor network and to install the software is entirely up to you.

If you want to know more about the Tor network, please check out these links:

Update: Thank you so much for your great support! We are very thankful, that this wish has reached its goal that quickly. If you want, you can still donate on this wish. Apart from that, we also have a lot of other interesting and important features, we would like to implement, that you can support as well. For example the advanced firewall GUI. Check out all our wishes at http://wishlist.ipfire.org!