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The wishlist is the IPFire crowd funding platform where you can donate to accelerate the development of your favorite features.

It's easy! Just pick the wish you would to see implemented in the future. Hit the donate button and donate the amount of money this feature is worth for you. After that tell your friends and collegues about it and encourage them to promote your favourite wish as well.

Windows Active Directory Single Sign-On for Web Proxy

The Windows Domain Services are a must-have in each bigger company, school or other organizations. They provide a single point of maintenance for the administrator and allow users to authenticate themselves against all sorts of services that are connected to the domain controller. One user; one password; safe authentication mechanisms and you are done.

Unfortunately, the squid web proxy that is used for the web proxy services in IPFire does not allow direct authentication against Windows Active Directory servers. Currently only the older NT4 domains are supported. The last server that was able to run in a compatibility mode for NT4 domains in the kind that was required for the proxy authentication was Windows Server 2003 which is running out of support by Microsoft soon. Our goal is now to enhance the proxy authentication so that it is able to authenticate users of the web proxy against Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008 without prompting for the user credentials. So no entering of the username and password is necessary. This is also known as Single Sign-On.

IPFire does not come with all the required libraries and services, yet so that it cannot do this complex authentication, but with this funding, we hope to find supporters who help us to realise this goal.

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