The wishlist is the IPFire crowd funding platform where you can donate to accelerate the development of your favorite features.

It's easy! Just pick the wish you would to see implemented in the future. Hit the donate button and donate the amount of money this feature is worth for you. After that tell your friends and collegues about it and encourage them to promote your favourite wish as well.

Hosting 2017

As every year, we would like to collect for paying our data center. We currently host two rack servers to run the project with almost all services coming from there; the website, wiki, forums, mail, VoIP, IM, build services, and so on….

We got a great offer from our hosting provider but of course cannot expect them to pay the whole bill. Therefore we would like to reach out to our brilliant community to help us making IPFire available
for everyone.

Hosting a whole distribution is a much more advanced task than hosting a smaller project which offers only one tarball for download. Thus, Sourceforge or similar platforms are not an option for us. They would limit the project in the way we like it to be.

We would also not be able to have our nice build infrastructure which makes the IPFire developers even more productive and is going to play a big role in the future.

Altogether, funding this part of the IPFire infrastructure would help us a lot. We still have to run the rest of the build systems and backup infrastructure. So any help is appreciated.

RAID support for high-availability

With this wish we would like to fund working on supporting software-based RAID for IPFire.

IPFire is widely used in the professional area. Enterprises rely on the great software but sometimes forget that reliable hardware is required, too. Harddisks are one of the most likely components to fail which then results in a huge downtime until the system has been reinstalled and was set up again. This could cause huge costs because of idle employees.

To overcome this problem we would like to implement RAID support for IPFire right in the installer of the system. This will enable everyone to install IPFire on a RAID-1 setup with two harddisks or SSDs. We are going to use software RAIDs for this purpose because of various issues with hardware RAID controllers. Those are fragile and if they break they require owning an identical second one to backup data from the disks. With the software-based approach, you will be able to use any Linux system to mount the disks again and recover any data if required. They are also usally much faster with modern hardware and of course save you a lot of money because they do not require any additional hardware. Hardware RAID controllers are usually very expensive.

We are also planning on having good monitoring in case if any device fails. The administrator of the system will then see an alert notification that a disk has failed and needs replacement.

Please help us funding this wish. The new functionality will help IPFire to become even more suitable for use in companies where high availability is an important requirement. This is a great solution which works for everyone and will additionally boost the disk performance and saves you buying an expensive hardware RAID controller.

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